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Mouth Watering Stick & Steam Noodles

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Mixed Veg 

Delicious & Healthy

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Stick Noodles

Stick Veg Noodles

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Mix With Non Veg

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Chinese Noodles

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Welcome to Dantakali Food Products


About Our Products

  • 100% Hygienic

    Everything Healthy!

    Our aim is to supply 100% hygienic and healthy noodles all over the country. we Dantakali Food Products produce 'Rosa' brand noodles with best quality and taste.


    Different variety such as Rosa Stick noodles and Steam noodles in different size.

  • Fully Vegetarian

    Delivery Network

    Biratnagar ,Dharan, Birtamod and other major parts of eastern nepal are our destination for distributing noodles. Our target is to supply our products all over the country.

    Pick ups

    Our customers can easily get our products on nearby shops or with wholesellers.

  • Good for Health

    How we are different?

    Noodles is basically a carbohydrate. It is healthy and essential for our body. We have various products.

    Best Quality

    Dantakali food products supplies best quality and healthy 'Rosa' brand noodles which do not have any side effects.

  • Eat as you like

    Customers Satisfaction

    We Dantakali food products supplies 100% vegetarian noodles. we are happy to see customers satisfaction after having our noodles.


    we supply our products to wholesellers from and out of eastern region so that everyone can get our products easily when required.

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Our Mission is to provide healthy and quality products to satisfy needs of every customers. We target to supply high standard products to all parts of country .Our company aims to continue its business to introduce it globally ,expanding its presence in existing market and entering new areas. we plan to be an active Participant in our market.

Our Goals
-We aim to attract customers by providing healthy and delicious products, we are unique noodles manufacturing company with great taste, texture, ingredients and quality.

-Co-operating with our Dantakali Food Products you are promoting our business and commercialization of high quality, great tasting and better snacks for everyone. We target to satisfy our every customers with quality products.

-We aim to transform Dantakali Food Products into consumer focused supplier of a range of nutritious and innovative noodles. To achieve this we will continuously improve our relationships with our stakeholders.

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About Us

Dantakali Food Products is the leading noodles maker of Eastern Region under the brand name "Rosa". It is fully vegetarian noodles manufacturer company. Dantakali Food Products was established in 2066 BS. The Proprietor of Dantakali Food Products is Mr.Rajendra Keshari Ghimire.